♒︎ Random Stories from Radom # 1

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This clean, spacious and green park is a tranquile place during the week, but a pretty crowded one on weekends. Since it’s safe to swim in the water, the city dwellers often escape from the hustle and bustle of the city to this place commonly known as Zalew Borki(Reservoir Borki). The park was built with bike lanes, so there is always a group of avid cyclists or joggers going around the lake. In case one wishes to rest, benches and beer gardens are on the reach. I enjoyed spending the afternoon there. It’s pretty quiet and green.

In a less serious manner 🙂 Beware of ducks strategically approaching you in groups of four(imagine a scene from Wild West with 4 cowboys passing through a town) to get some bread(only by quacking, luckily no guns involved). At some point it looked like they were heading towards the mini tribune to watch the beach volley, however, mid-way they turned round to go back to the lake/reservoir. I guess they didn’t think the game would be that good 😉 Clever beasts!



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