Random Radom #2

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I was strolling down the main street(Zeromskiego Street), passing by a few historical churches like the one on the top right, the Bernardin Church, built in a late/flamboyant/ gothic style in the 15th century. I was heading to the city center also known as the Old Casmir’s City(Miasto Kazimierzowskie) with the neo-renaissance City Hall(Ratusz) and the Museum of Contemporary Art located in two colourful town houses from the 17th century. Surprisingly or not, this sleepy area is not a popular spot to hang out in as I could see just a few kids playing around and empty benches. It’s Zeromskiego Street that is crowded with people entering small but cosy bars, cafes and restaurants. My last stop was in Park Kosciuszki near a neo-Gothic Cathedral, which btw looks really impressive and glorious. That was my day – looking forward to visiting more nice places soon 🙂


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