Anna in the Netherlands – Incredible 3 days

Hello the world of bloggers and readers!

I arrived in Groningen(NL) yesterday and I decided to share my experience of studying and living in Groningen with YOU.

Feel free to just look at my photos 🙂 My thoughts may be various – from ecstatic to less ecstatic – I guess 😉

Day 1

Arriving in Amsterdam in the afternoon and eventually finding some mediocre hostel called: The Marnix Hotel.


Let’s just say staying in a dorm wasn’t bad, but problems with taking a shower were of nuisance. Imagine a clogged pipe, water everywhere(up to 10 cm), shower gels floating around. No thank you! Fortunately the receptionist was very freindly and helpful and let me take a shower in the hotel building which was a much better option. Praise them for being helpful!

Going sightseeing was fun as I ended up walking cluelessly for hours till one friendly guy offered to be my guide in the Red Light District. He seemed ok so I accepted his offer. We went to all three districts – a female one, a trans one and a gay district(my guide was a proud gay:)  With his joyful attitude he started telling me all the do’s and dont’s of being a tourist in this great city. Apparently a lot of tourists pay to watch one very popular but trashy sex show/porn, with not good looking actors/performers – according to my tour guide 😛 Ah what a fantastic guide he was! I was lucky to run into him – you may wonder how? well, apparently I looked serious 😉 In my opinion I looked like a lonely woman. His company was great – I learnt a lot of interesting stuff and felt safe. First time in my life I was happy not to tell a man to bug off. Another ineteresting observation – he was very laid-back, walked slowly and had time for everything. – when in Rome do as the Romans do – Time to adapt then! 🙂

Day 2

Going to the Central Station and being helped with buying a ticket. Wow, how friendly everyone working at the station was. I must say I needed some friendly faces and lots of help to stay positive. Going to Groningen by train costs only 26 euros. I was a bit taken aback since one web site mentioned 9 euros. Oh well I didn’t check well I guess.

Arriving in a hostel called: Simplon Jongerenhotel.  Link:

It’s a nice hostel to stay in, a very friendly staff and clen toilets. The only drawback is the Internet connection is pretty weak. They seem to be used to hosting students. There are many many of us in here. Imagine all of us looking for a room in this tiny city. Once I realised THAT I started to worry a lot more. I guess I’m gonna just stay in here for a week or two and then fly back to Gothenburg as I can’t just keep paying for hostels till Dec when my Erasmus contract is up.

Day 3 

So I woke up thinking that this week would be pretty tough and guess what – my ever first visit to a housing agency in Groningen, all lovely-jobbly, until one tiny thing disqualified me as a potential tenant – MY AGE! As it turned out I’m too old to be a student! Wtf since WHEN there’s a f…. age limit?! At first I wanted to start screaming at that dreadful dude, but then my emotional side started to take control of my brain and eyes, so I made it clear that I wasn’t happy(‘I’ll share this story with everyone I know’) Let’s shame the agency! It is called LEFIER. Link:

I kept asking why there’s age limit.

Dude: ”Oh well we need students.”

ME: ”I AM a student. I can bring documents confirming that.”

Dude: ”No no we need a student and young one. It may seem to you that it’s age discrimination.”

ME: ”You’re right! IT IS!”

He advised me to write to them and attach documents confirming my student status. Well, as if it would change anything.

Well it’s time to share some photos with all those of you who survived reading this long post 🙂 Ta-da!

IMG_0776 IMG_0774 IMG_0767


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