Rainy days in Groningen ☔️

IMG_0779 IMG_0782 IMG_0788 IMG_0791 IMG_0793

Apparently it often rains in this city. I got soaked today carrying my stuff to my rented room. Yes, my dream came true – I have a roof over my head. What a relief! I took my stuff from the local youth hostel, and not minding the rain, went to the new place.

The photos above are from this week when the weather was much better. The city itself is small but has a welcoming feeling. People tend to smile to you and are very helpful. It truly feels like a university city. The population is approximately 200, 000 people, definitely lots of students 🙂 I think it’s a very green city – almost everyone owns a bike and cyclists are the ones who rule the streets so watch out! 🙂 My landlady said she wouldn’t be able to sleep if her bike was stolen trying to emphasize how important her bike is to her. Ok, I don’t need more encouragement – I’ll get a bike! 🚴

Other then this, I need a rest. After so many days spent in the hostel I finally feel relaxed. Privacy and silence are back in my life. Today I’m gonna watch a film! Let’s celebrate! 🎉

Struggling to find a room? Use social networking sites(FB, CS). Register to some of the popular housing web sites like:







Last but not least, visit housing agencies. Be careful though. Some of them charge horrendous fees(more than 300 euros is illegal practice). Make sure you pay only one month rent and get your contract in English. Dutch might be known for their trade skills, well be known to them for your intelligence and ask for an Eng version of the contract. One landlady claimed to be the owner of 10 houses and all she could offer was a Dutch contract. What kind of businesswoman? unethical in my opinion. Also, she asked for 150 euros for admin fee, because registration is costly. What the heck woman. Reveal who you’re working for, which agency?! Pass!

More on renting in NL here:







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