Prinsenhof Gardens in Groningen

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This small but charming garden is actually the hotel’s garden, but open to public till 6pm. While walking around the garden you can enjoy the smell of roses and herbs. Prinsenhof Gardens is a pleasent place for a quite break. There is a little coffee shop. You can have some tea and cake. I spotted a cat taking a nap in the shade(in the photo the cat seems a bit broken or electrocued, but it’s actually stretching 😉 The only disappointment from this trip – I couldn’t read the sundial 😦 Standing there with a bunch of ladies, I tried to add & subtract to get 2pm but all in vain. Ah those Ancient Greeks & Romans – they were probably looking at us in disbelief and having a good laugh. Well, I’d do the same! Witnessing their struggle with using smartphones would be hilarious 😉


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