Secret garden in Groningen ?

12047235_10153286011498163_1984695465_n 12048651_10153286011488163_1413529812_n

Can it be? Now when I think about it a secret garden is an awesome idea to attract more tourists. Well, I should make a little confession – this place is a secret garden but only to me, not to others.

When I was aimlessly biking around last Sun, a church tower drew my attention. It’s one of those moments when you realize that you’ve seen that tower so many times on your way to the downtown and yet you’ve never found time to see the building up close. This time I told myself: no more excuses, go and check it out.

The entrance is a brick layered path with trees planted alongside. All I know about this building is its name ‘Nieuwe Kerk’ and its function- it’s a reformed church. I’m a bit fascinated by this place so I’ll keep adding more photos in no time.

I found a few photos to support my claim that the church is in the middle of a secret garden(photo no.6).

Een goede dag verder! ~ Have a good one!


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