Groningen tales – Cats & leaves



I don’t remember enjoying autumn to such an extent in Göteborg last year. I posted a few photos but my enthusiasm was less noticeable. It might’ve been down to living far away from the city centre and feeling a bit stuck on Öckerö. It’s a place to chill out and get away from it all, but sometimes too much isolation(due to location or lack of people to talk to) may make a person a bit lethargic especially in autumn and winter. I’d enjoy going for walks and riding the bike when the lights were on. I was more into Öckerö by night –  when going home and watching lights in people’s houses and in the harbour, observing the stars and the moon before parking my bike and encountering some fat furry Scandinavian cats. All this’d give me a lot of joy.

Groningen, on the other hand, isn’t that nice by night. I like it by day. It’s got many green spaces and both my flat and faculty happen to be quite close to them. It’s relaxing to ride through the park. My way: I try to avoid running over slowly walking pigeons and ducks, I ride slowly to observe the leaves falling down and feel the cold in my cheeks.

Another possible reason for my enthusiasm about autumn is pretty trivial – I really don’t want winter to arrive. Please autumn stay with us till Christmas! Lütfeeeeen! S’il te plait! Prosze! Snälla!


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