Biking at night

When darkness is upon the city, my favourite activity is to go out for a walk. Since I have a bike, nothing gives me more pleasure than riding my wonderful bike. I know it now – I will miss you my dear bike, selling you will be very emotional ❤️💜💛

My bike and I went for another night ride this month. We passed by familiar blocks of flats and ponds, and finally stopped a few times to capture some interesting things.

This place – Zernike Campus –  is on my biking route. It’s very quiet by night. The photo is a bit blurry(maybe deliberately, mabe not ;).

There’s a sculpture of some headless horse-o-man, a pond and the university buildings in the background. The campus is quite big as it hosts two universities: a vocational one called Hanze(Applied Sciences) & Groningen Uni(RUG). Believe it or not but due to its bizzarly shaped buildings – I can’t even take good photos by day 😀


Did I tell you about Utopia? 🙂

This is a fantastic name & colour for… the elderly home 😀 It’s not that visible in this photo, but the redlight is quite noticeable. The first time I  noticed its blinding brightness, I knew it would become my next photo theme. I also thought the place was a Red District located in a quite peculiar place(just across the church:).


Red is the colour of blood, passion, sex, energy, etc. – who said the elderly can’t have some/all of it? 🙂 I truly love the Dutch way of thinking! 😀

My bike thought it wasn’t a long ride, so we went to the marktplace.



We stopped for a while to breathe in the fresh air and see the lights. It looked so magical & soothing. Wow, I should bever underestimate the power of Xmas lights! 😉


Unfortunately, this month will be remembered as one of the most shocking in the history of humankind. It’s one of those truly tragic & unspeakable moments when humankind hits bottom.

I can’t imagine how I’d feel if it was my country… While studying in the main university library, we commemorated those who lost their lives by minute of silence. I just wish this shock will result in some good change like solidarity & altruism.


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