World Press Photo 2015

Today was pouring down & I wasn’t sure if stepping outside my warm room would pay off, however, I really wanted to do stomthing outside the flat. I decided to see the exhibition: World Press Photo 2015 hosted in one of the local churches in Groningen. To my surprise, when I paid for the ticket, I also got a ticket for a free coffee in a local cafe 🙂 What a brilliant idea! 🙂 Dearest coffee, I haven’t tasted you in weeks! Here I come!

About the exhibition:

It’s fantastic! I highly recommend this exhibition! 

There are two reasons: 1) photographically captured people, places, things will make you stop & wonder. It’s not easy to look at these images without having an inner dialogue or emotional reaction; 2) it’s art, it’s beautiful, it’s captivating, etc.

Some of them present conflicts like the one in Ukraine, or between Israel & Palestine. Photos of mothers crying over their dead sons’ bodies. Next image shows exactly the same emotion expressed by other mothers. Conclusion – we all feel the same pain. Unfortunately, it’s a driving force to cause more pain. If one mother approached another mother, shook her hands and said:”Listen, let’s finish this idiotic conflict as we are old and won’t make more babies. Let’s save those who are still alive,” they could actually collaboratively put a stop to this nonsense. Starting from bottom-up could actually help stop most of the conflicts.

Some show cultural values and traditions like the one where a mother who lost her son pardones his soon-to-be-executed killer by slapping him in the face(Iran). Another image shows a young Chinese factory worker wearing a Xmas hat. He earns between 300-400 euros per month. I smiled to learn that Chinese and Polish people have things in common.

The man doesn’t even know what Xmas is about. To be honest, I don’t even know what Xmas is about. Clearly, it cannot be only about excessive shopping happening in Dec, can it? haha 😛 This photo shouts ”stop buying products than you don’t need!” or something like that…


Some present animals & human destructive actions. Here we have a circus worker, who despite the ban on training animals for circus purposes, still does it. This monkey is so scared! It has fear written all over its tiny brown eyes and animal face. Hold on tight monkey, this beast will only torture you till the rest of your monkey days. Advice: die fast or learn to ride a human bike.


Some of the photos show family life. These two brothers are orphanes and eat a piece of chocolate because it’s one of the boys’ birthdays. The photo was taken in Moldova, apparently one of the poorest countries in Europe.  It isn’t a fairytale, but at least the boys have each other. They say that life isn’t worth living if it’s unexamined. Others claim that life isn’t worth living if it isn’t shared. Another photo shot and another family story. This time it is centred around a young HIV positive mother. The shots present her healthy self with a newborn baby, her giving birth to another baby, her addicted partner shouting at their little daughter, her in a delirious stage just before death and finally her partner reminiscing her. Maybe the orphaned boys are better off without their parents? or maybe not. Even if parents may not be warm & loving, their presence still counts…

All in all, I think the exhibition is a bit embarrassing, because it speaks volumes.. about us – human beings, specifically how destructive we can be. Is it an innate ability of ours? Or is it a side-effect of lack of love, I mean love for self and love for one another? These were some of the thoughts I had.

I truly recommend this exhibition!








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