Quiet Mondays

Monday. It’s a quiet day in Groningen. Everyone is either at work or at university. The building below is the main RUG building called the Academy Building, where faculties have their offices. It’s also used for ceremonies. For obvious reasons I never hang out there 🙂



What attracts my attention are the roofs of most of the buildings in Groningen. I find them mesmerizing & quite familiar… They tell about the past. The decorative style rings the bell. It reminds me Warsaw, Gdansk…




The market square called Vismarkt! All the good stuff can be bought here: veggies, fruit, hand-made clothing, etc. When standing on the square, it’s impossible not to notice a huge ancient looking building. It’s called The Korenbeurs and it’s a heritage site and … a supermarket(Albert Heijn, the biggest Dutch supermarket chain)It’s got Roman gods, Neptune, Ceres, Mercury,  on the roof and just next to the entrance so the building does look like a museum. Apart from the gods, the entrance is a popular meeting point for always hungry gangs of pigeons, people with passion for tobacco and others. It’s surrounded with lots of parked bikes. But today it’s Monday – and so the place is quiet till late afternoon.




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