Green day in Feb

It was freezing cold yet the park was pretty crowded with those seeking an activity for another quiet Sunday afternoon.


There’s life inside the greenhouse! Looks quiet surreal. I thought it reminded me a bit of people – sort of everyone’s got a garden to take care of, it’s the only thing apart from our actions that stands the test of time. Some philosophical digressions…



A lonely girl in the of many statues in Göteborg. Why not dressed? Does this statue reflect the reality? How many of us walk naked in the park? How many females I wanna know? Why a female not a male? Would he be also naked, with his balls and penis exposed? Does “it” – this nakedness I mean, automatically make a statue a piece of art? I wish I could ask these questions to the artist not just fill up the page with them.


Between the sky and EarthIMG_2439.jpgIMG_2438.jpgIMG_2440.jpgIMG_2442.jpg


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