sunny but cold march

Another fantastic sunny day. Once the sun is out, people start to be more outdorsy.  Having a lunch break on the grass? why not! Having a fika with a friend in an open-air cafe followed up by a stroll through the sleepy bricked paved streets of Göteborg? Bring it on! 

I can’t help but smile when I see the locals’ preparations for this day…

Here are the essentials that need to be taken care of so that one can truly enjoy a sunny, springy day in Göteborg 😀

The sun is out and so all the cafés should get some extra tables and chairs outside so that sun-deprived customers can start basking in the sun. 

The moment the sun rays hit the ground, those customers swap their winter jackets for thin trench coats(for more information on coats check H&M, Lindex or Mango)

Before the clock strikes noon, they have already accomplished purchasing this seasons must-have sun-glasses. Typically they go for Ray something brand, because this brand’s sunglasses are: trendy, expensive, in just one standard colour & shape – totally worth it.

My check-list so far:

  • I have already worn sunglasses this year(which would normally never happen until summer)
  • Just the other day I was shopping for a trench coat to complete my look. I found a nice trench coat but unluckily for me they didn’t have my size.
  • Basking in the sun & having fika outdoors simultaneously? Hmm, I think I’m on the right path to making this happen. I have experienced basking in the sun while waiting for the tram and bus. Totally worth it! 😉 

The colours of spring #1


The colours of spring #2







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