Grand scam

Today is the day when my sugar cravings have hit one of the highest points – I’ve just had an exam and want to celebrate by having tons of sugar! Why not! Soon followed by beer and good food!

So here I am – a sugar-craving student, eager to meet my needs by having some good old ice–cream. Algida is my choice. Little did I know, how annoyed this ice-cream would make me feel…


My question is: Why is Magnum so tiny?

Algida allegedly wants to help people! As a result of that hellpfullness they have cut down on calories (only 250 calories per ice-cream).


Algida says: “The changes are … part of the firm’s sustainable living plan, aimed at helping people improve their health…”(?!)

Dude! what are you talking about?! Since when ice-cream is a healthy choice?! It never was and it will never be – full stop!

Algida says: “Shoppers would “appreciate” the company’s goals and “buy more” if necessary.”


What a bunch of bs! The size of a Magnum is outrageaously small & pricey. I guess their plan is to help people get slimmer and poorer. 

I feel cheated! That’s not the sort of ice-cream I expected to get for approx. 25 kr. I pay 35 kr per a pack of Magnums(4-5 of tiny ice-cream). In other words it’s cheaper to get a pack of ice-cream – yeah maybe cheaper but is it healthier? 

No more Algida for me. 



Of course one shouldn’t trust ads and commercials. Look at the size of her ice-cream and they look at the ice cream I bought. It does feel like a slap in the face, doesn’t it?Eva-Longoria-Magnum-Ice-Cream.jpg



And now, back to reality. Rachel’s eyes say it all, .– they are judgmentaaaaal! They say: “Really, you’re gonna spend your money on THIS?! isn’t that like a Magnum for toddlers?”



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