The Cortège – students have spoken!

The Cortège is an annual parade organized by students of Chalmers University. They dress up and “show” in a satirical way the local and international news/events.

I enjoyed the parade even though I couldn’t understand half of what was written on the trucks due to my mediocre Swedish skills. The half that I understood I found quite funny and to the point(“ouch” would be the proper word to use ;). The students were truly very creative and passionate about their truck themes. I think they did a great job depicting hot topics in the news. 


This fella below looks like a certain politician from America.


This fella walked to a special tune hummed by the spectators.


This horse/kangaroo/donkey confused me a bit.


These girls juts wanted to have fun…all the way to the city centre…in the rain. Kudos to them! 🙂


I don’t know what this one was about…


The orchestra didn’t disappoint…



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