Waiting & waiting


… and me waiting for the train to Warsaw. The railway station is quite  brand new and looks nice. There are lifts and clearly articulated announcements. What’s needed are those electronic boards with info what train is about to arrive and through what stations it stops by. Since the annonucements are only in Polish, the foreign turists must immerse into daily Polish. It is all free of charge thanks to Koleje Mazowieckie! (Masovian Railway operator).

Joking aside, the station itself has an interesting history. Each time I’m waiting for the train at that particular station, I’m accompanied by my dad, who likes to share lots of interesting things with me, and one of them is the history of the station, where btw my granfather used to work at…

It was built between 1882-1885 by a Polish-German historian. In 1915 it was burnt down by Russian army leaving the city, then rebuilt by Austrian army occupying the city after the Russians. The station survived WW2 (probably thanks to those handy Austrians who presumbly knew how to rebuilt it well!).

The railway station in all its glory (the view from Tragutta street).


Credit to: Rafał Tfotopolska.eu



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