neighbourhoods in göteborg

olskroken has a lot to offer in terms of quite hipster/organic/not-that-expensive neighbourhood: quite many hills to climb and wander on, good public communication and my fav: bike paths. 

this gloomy looking photo was taken on a rainy day thus the domineering mono-coloured theme 😁. this industrial area is nearby Eriksberg, where modern flats equal skyrocket prices. 

central Göteborg. the heart of the city. last summer was actually my first one in Göteborg and Sweden at all. the city center was super crowded with folk wanting to buy international food at local food festival, trying kayaking to going on a boat trip along the cannal. I enjoyed this fine summer day eating hastily one of my fav. dishes: yes im taking about fish n chips. Despite promising solemly to myself not to eat any more fish n chips, once i noticed a chipie, my feet instantly began marching through the crowds. the food turned out a bit of let-down, yet i still enjoyed the whole exp. of having lunch on the grass.

what a day it was!😻🙈

ullevi is a sort of business area that s very close by a stadium where popular singers give concerts and of course football matches take place. there are a few cafes here n there but mostly a dead zone.

meanwhile in my rainbow neighbourhood…


7 responses to “neighbourhoods in göteborg

  1. My favourite photo is the gloomy industrial one.
    I never knew Sweden had chippys! I’ve only been to Stockholm and never saw one there. Thought it was just an English thing.


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